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Lily & Drew | Poplar Creek Barn

Lily & Drew's day was originally suppose to be in 2022- I was about to reach out to her telling her I wasn't sure if I could do her day because I was going to be 8 months pregnant with twins. Then I received a message from her saying SHE was pregnant! Luckily I had their 2023 date open & it was meant to be!

Now sweet little Aleaha is here along with my boys & we celebrated their love in June at the beautiful Poplar Creek Barn in Oshkosh!

The Team:

Poplar Creek Barn- Oshkosh, WI

Sound Sensations Entertainment

Tiffany's Bridal



Tricked Drew with the first look!

Lillies for Lily :)

Of course a KT stop!


Family photo bomb

Lots of candy for the kids!!

i'm not crying...

& they lived Happily Ever After!

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